BEST Hostess Rewards from

Would you like to have a fun time with your friends, get some amazing products AND enjoy the most rewards possible? Who wouldn’t! We believe we have the best hostess rewards in the industry.

If you live in Sydney/Central Coast/Newcastle and want to host a party with your friends, and get some amazing rewards, then contact us to discuss a party date and time.

$350 sales + 2 bookings

A qualifying party is sales of $350 or more. If you have 2 friends book a party and also have qualifying sales and hold their party within 4 weeks from your party date, you will receive a $2000 Australian Getaway Certificate

Half Price Toys

We don’t set a specific hostess range, you can choose a toy of your choice or what you can afford. When we say ‘toy’ we mean anything other than lingerie, breast cancer products or the sex swing/stand. You do not have to have a sex toy/vibrator, you can have a candle or body powder, or novelty item. We recognise that not all of our hostesses want toys, many are only interested in our non-sexual items.

Qualifying sales means you can choose 1 ‘toy’ at half price.

Booking Vouchers

Some people are not financial enough to spend at a party and would rather help a hostess by booking a party, and enjoying the benefit of receiving a product at half price and other rewards for hosting a qualifying party.

We give each hostess 1 voucher per party booking [no limit on vouchers] You get to choose another ‘toy’at half price plus $59 worth of lingerie. You can have a free item of lingerie valued at $59 or if you prefer you can choose a more expensive item and pay the difference. Each voucher is used at each party booking. Each booking must meet the qualifying party requirements. You don’t have to make any full price purchases at your friends party, and if you cant make it to her party you can also just let her know what you want to get with your voucher.

Glamour Photography

If you have never had a Glamour Photography session, you will love this! You will have your hair and makeup professionally done for you followed by a fun photography session in a professional studio.

Host a qualifying party and you will receive your Glamour Photography voucher sent back with your delivery.

  • Voucher covers the sitting fee plus 1 free photograph with a total value of $438
  • Vouchers have a 4 week expiry date from when your final party payments are due.
  • Take your own clothing and jewellery you want to wear for the photographs. Minimal props available at the studio for you to use.
  • $50 booking fee to be paid when making your appointment which is 100% refunded so long as you show up for your appointment.
  • No purchase of photos required. If you do decide to make any purchases the $50 security deposit will be deducted from the price of photos.

Vouchers are for parties in Sydney/Central Coast/Newcastle NSW. No refunds, no exchange, not redeemable for cash. Hostess is required to travel to the studio.

Getaway Certificate

Host a qualifying party with 2 qualifying party booking and you will receive a $2000 Australian Getaway Certificate.

Alternatively, if you don’t manage to met the requirements above, if you have sales over $1000 we will also give you the certificate.

Qualifying with party bookings, your certificate will be sent with the 2nd party delivery. If  you qualify only with sales then you will receive your certificate with your delivery. Your certificate can be used at selected hotels and resorts around Australia. Keep using your Certificate until you use the $2000 or the voucher expires, whichever comes first.

How do you book a party?

Booking a party is easy, just fill in our contact form and someone will be in touch with you to discuss a suitable date and time for your party and answer any questions.

Around $3000 value is based on an average of past hostesses benefits and product choices for toys and lingerie. Value will vary depending on what products each hostess chooses. A hostess is not obligated to take all the benefits on offer if she doesn’t want to. No hostess benefits can be exchanged for cash or an alternative provided if a hostess does not want any or all of the benefits she has qualified for.

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