Contact Us

Your contact is important to us and to be able to correspond with you to give you the best response, we have a selection of forms below for you to choose from. Please use the form most appropriate to your inquiry and we will endeavor to help you as soon as possible.

Each form has its own autoresponder with relevant information based on general inquiries. Please check your email address provided on the form for a response within a few minutes.

If you have additional questions that we do not cover immediately, you can reply to that email and someone will reply back to you within 2 business days.

Please choose one of the contact forms below:

Hosting A Party If you have any questions about hosting an in-home party, hostess rewards or any other inquiries about being a hostess, please use this form.

Demonstrator or Consultant Inquiry  Please fill in the form below if you are seeking information about starting as an Intimate Whispers Party Demonstrator or Online Consultant.

Catalogue Request  If you would like to see our current catalogue, please fill in this form to receive information on how to view our catalogue and other important information.

Sales and Purchases  Please use this form for help with online purchases or if you want to make an outside order to go to an in-home party.

Return/Exchanges This form is only of use if you have already contacted us about an exchange.

Testimonial Prospective customers value the opinion of past customers when it comes to dealing with a business. Please send us your testimonial.

Feedback Do you have something you wish to bring to our attention? Please use this form to let us know.

Expo, Markets, Events, Fundraising Do you have an event you would like Intimate Whispers to get involved with? Please fill in this form to send us the details.


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