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Company Profile:-
Intimate Whispers is based on the Central Coast NSW. We provide customers with a relaxed atmosphere to view adult products in the privacy of their home with a group of friends for a fun enjoyable time. We will do mixed parties for those who would like to have their partners at a party, so men are welcome to attend. We do not allow ‘male only’ parties, there must always be a mix of male and females with the majority being female guests.

We believe in the motto ‘slow and steady wins the race’. We have no ambition to become an large international company who loses the personal touch with you the customer, who is the utmost importance to us. Our company goal is  to have consultants nation wide, but not to the extent where there is consultants overflowing. Our consultants will always endeavour to give you the most informative and enjoyable party that you and your guests would be talking about for a long time afterwards.

We love constructive criticism. So if you have any ideas, or comments to share on our consultants, or how we conduct business, we would love to hear from you so we can be the best. Old fashion service with old fashioned business ethics, putting you our customer the priority!

Do you have a favourite product, one that you always scream to replace when it finally stops working? We all have those 1-2 favourites we just wouldnt dare not have close at hand. We would love to know about the product and the name. Our range of products hosts many items that have been suggested to us by you our loyal customers and found their way into our favourites list also! We love having products that do the job we expect! and even better when they come with a recommendation from you! If we think its that good, we will add it into a future catalogue or maybe a trial as a monthly promotion! If you suggest us a product and we think its good enough to add and mention, we will give you one at half price as a thank you for your recommendation to us!! How good is that??

Help us do our job to the best of our ability and give you the quailty service you wont find any where else! We promise to always listen and do all we can to make sure you will turn to us for all your adult requirements.

Dont hesitate to contact us, good or bad, maybe even just a question? we love hearing from our customers!

Postal Address

Intimate Whispers
P.O. Box 4598
Lakehaven NSW 2263

Please feel free to  contactbuttonand we will be in touch with you shortly. Have a nice day.

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