Terms & Conditions

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Intimate Whispers
The Company that runs the Intimate Whispers Parties.


Demonstrators manage the parties. They demonstrate the items that are available for sale. They receive orders from guests and hostesses. They accept bookings for new parties.


Consultants handle sales only. These are generated via friends, family or sharing products on Social Media. Consultants do not handle stock or hold party demonstrations.

They book the parties at previous parties or by applying to Intimate Whispers directly. They provide a location for the party, usually their home. They are responsible for inviting guests to their parties.

Qualifying Party
A Qualifying Party must reach a minimum of $350 in finalised sales. A sale is finalised when payment is made to Intimate Whispers.

Downline Parties
These are parties booked from a party that are held within 4 weeks of the originating party. If at party A, parties B and C were booked then B and C would be downline parties from A if they are held within 4 weeks after party A. Parties booked beyond this 4 week window will not be eligible Downline Parties.

Restocking Fee / Deposit
This is a deposit on all orders that becomes a restocking fee if the orders are cancelled. Hence this is not refundable. It is a minimum $20 for orders less than $70, and 30% of the total order for orders over $100.

Delivery Fee
This is a flat fee on all orders of $2.50 for each party guest. Website delivery is $14.95 per order regular postage or $18.95 express with insurance. Website orders over $150 receive free postage.


Collection of all monies from guests, payments to Intimate Whispers, and distribution of individual orders is solely the responsibility of the Host/ess.

A Host/ess must have a Qualifying Party before being eligible to receive any discounted items.

The Downline Parties must be Qualifying Parties before a Host/ess is eligible for benefits that are dependent  on party bookings. Once the Host/ess is eligible for booking dependent voucher benefits, these will be sent with the corresponding downline party deliveries. Onus is on the Host/ess to collect voucher benefit items from the downline Host/ess.

Please make party payments via Commonwealth Bank Deposit, using the party order number for the deposit reference i.e. PP113456. Any Host/ess benefits a Host/ess may not want to redeem cannot be transferred into Gift Vouchers. All Host/ess benefits that are dependent upon having a Qualifying Party must be selected at that Qualifying Party and finalized with the delivery for that Qualifying Party.

If in the event a Downline Party is not held within the qualifying period and the Host/ess has already paid the half price for the half price item for a booking, Intimate Whispers reserves the right to contact the Host/ess and request the balance to be paid and the item delivered to the  Host/ess. If the item is no longer wanted a cheque refund would be issued. This is the only time Intimate Whispers will offer a cheque refund.

Any changes to orders must be made through the office prior to making payment. If a cancelled order takes the host/ess overall sales below $350 the party will not be a Qualifying Party and any benefits that accrue to a Host/ess of a Qualifying Party will not be made available.

Party payment must be made in full in one payment.  Intimate Whispers will not accept part payments or provide part deliveries. 1 payment 1 delivery. If an extension is needed for party payment please contact the office promptly so items are not returned to stock and orders cancelled.

If a customer prefers to have their item delivered separately or prior to the delivery date, a $10 postage fee is charged in lieu of the $2.50 and the order will be sent as soon as all items are in stock for the delivery.

Any items being returned to Intimate Whispers must have prior authorization from the office. No returns will be accepted without approval. Any costs incurred with the return of any items are the sole responsibility of the customer. If an item is lost or missing in transit while being returned to Intimate Whispers it is up to the customer to take the issue up with the postal service they used. Intimate Whispers recommends all returns to be sent via registered mail.

Hostess Benefits for having a Qualifying Party

Qualifying Party Definition

A qualifying part is overall sales with a minimum of $350. All downline party bookings must also meet the qualifying party sales and be held within 4 weeks of the previous hostesses party date to be accepted as a qualifying party booking. Rebooking for any reason will not qualify the booking benefits for the previous hostess. Under no circumstances.

Glamour Photography Voucher
This is delivered with the party order to the host/ess. The voucher is dated from the delivery date with an expiry 4 weeks from delivery. No extensions on dates are available. Voucher value is $423 inclusive of $173 sitting fee and $250 credit. No refunds, non transferable. Bookings transport and any other costs incurred are responsibility of the host/ess. Minimum paid in sales $250 required to qualify. Voucher values may vary due to different Photography companies pricing schedule, although the packages will be the same or very similar.

Glamour Photography Vouchers are only available to NSW and Victoria hostesses in certain areas. This is not a regular hostess reward offered by Intimate Whispers. This is an additional offer available for demonstrators to offer a hosess. Demonstrators may have similar offers or deals for a hostess. Check with your demonstrator to see what additional deals they may offer.

$2000 Australian Getaway Certificate

A hostess must host a qualifying party with 2 qualifying party bookings. Certificates are sent with the 2nd party booking delivery. It is up to the hostess to retrieve her certificate from the downline party hostess. If a hostess holds a party with finalized sales over $1000 she will receive a certificate with her delivery. Getaway Certificates are available to all hostesses Australia Wide. A Hostess may decline the certificate but will not be compensated or offered anything else in lieu of this certificate. Not redeemable for cash. Certificate terms and conditions can be found below.

Half  Price and Free Items

1(one) Half Price Toy (swing items excluded) of your choice for hosting a qualifying party.

1(one) Half Price Toy (swing items excluded) of your  choice per qualifying party booking – Voucher for  redemption

1(one) FREE Garment to the value of $59 per Party Qualifying Booking – Voucher for redemption.

Hostess has the right to use the $59 value of the FREE garment as an amount to be deducted from a more expensive item and have the option of paying the difference i.e $159 garment would only cost a hostess $100 after the $59 FREE lingerie discount.

Monday  – Thursday Booking Bonanza

Host your party between Monday – Thursday

Receive 1(one) additional discounted piece of lingerie of your choice to the value of $59 for $20 or the option of $39 deducted from a more expensive item.

Sex  Swing Conditions

Sex Swing OR stand $350 + 2 bookings

Sex Swing Set $700 + 2 Bookings

Hostess must have 2(two) Downline Parties that both become Qualifying Parties to be able to purchase Sex Swing items for half price.

If a hostess chooses to take a Sex Swing item with 2(two)  party bookings she will relinquish all other half-price toys associated with 2  party bookings and/or any other promotional toy items associated with 2(two)  party bookings.

If a hostess has more than 2(two) party bookings she will  still be entitled to booking vouchers for the additional half price toys for any/all bookings over the minimum 2(two) party bookings requirement for the Sex  Swing items.

If a hostess takes the Sex Swing discount option with her party bookings, she will still qualify and receive the free lingerie for each and all party bookings associated with a qualifying party.

1(one) of each type of Sex Swing Item per hostess as half price can be qualified for. Deposit/Restocking fee applies to this as a standalone order. Delivery fee applies to this as a stand-alone order.

Sex Swing Set will be delivered after Downline Parties become Qualifying Parties.

If there are not enough Downline Parties that become Qualifying Parties the Host/ess will be offered the opportunity to pay the balance owing on the Sex Swing Item or may receive a cheque refund on whatever has already been paid minus the Deposit/Restocking Fee.

Due to the size and weight, a hostess will be required to pay towards the delivery of the sex swing items. This is a large item and will not be delivered with a party; it will be delivered directly to the customer. The office will contact a host to discus delivery and postage costs.

All orders are packaged discretely. Each guests name will appear on the order. Each order is sealed for security and discretion.

No responsibility is taken for orders once posted to the Host/ess.

Any battery-operated items are checked to be working prior to delivery.

All lingerie is checked before packaging for quality assurance. In the event an item has a fault please contact the office within 7 days of dispatch.

NO returns after 7 days [online orders] 10 days [party orders] from notifying the office of the product return. NO exceptions.

Due to the nature of some products, Intimate Whispers does not offer exchanges or cash refunds for change of mind purchasing. If an item is returned, and on closer inspection a manufacturer’s defect is found, only then may Intimate Whispers decide to issue a Credit Note in the form of a Gift Voucher.

If a Lingerie item becomes discontinued, Intimate Whispers will contact the customer directly to offer an alternative item. Lingerie items may vary slightly from catalogue pictures. Items with colour choices of ASSORTED COLOURS are out of Intimate Whispers control. Customer will be sent any available colour.

All Lingerie orders require 3 colour choices. This also applies to ASSORTED COLOUR items so that Intimate Whispers can aim to supply in a preferred colour realm.

Intimate Whispers sends all deliveries via TNT or Australia Post.

Party sales are calculated on overall sales only. These do not include any host/ess half price  items, free item values, redeemed gift vouchers used by host/ess or guests,  bonus buy specials, or any other discounted items.

If an item has a bonus buy, a host/ess is unable to receive the bonus if taking the item as a discounted item. Double Dipping is not allowed.

Toy Returns

Due to the nature of our products we are unable to accept returns on change of mind.

Returns are only accepted for manufacturer’s faults and subject to inspection of the returned item.

All returns must be in the original packaging with all packaging and purchase receipt.

All returns must have a RA [Return Authority] number prior to being returned to Intimate Whispers.

Intimate Whispers must be notified of any product fault within 10 days from being shipped to a hostess.

Intimate Whispers must be notified of any product fault within 7 days from being shipped to a customer.

Intimate Whispers must receive the returnable item with 5 working days from the time of notification by the customer.

We will not consider any returns or exchanges outside of above time frames.

All items must be returned to Intimate Whispers at the customers cost. Return postage cost will not be reimbursed.

Intimate Whispers reserves the right to refuse an exchange if an item is returned in a questionable state or appears used in any way. Any item returned questionable, deemed used or damaged by the customer, will require the customer to pay return postage of the item and/or payment for a new product.

Warranty Products are returned to Intimate Whispers at the customers cost. Intimate Whispers will cover additional costs incurred to send the product back to the supplier/manufacturer for replacement and postage of a replacement to the customer, based on the supplier/manufacturer accepting the product as faulty and replaces it accordingly. This is not a decision made by Intimate Whispers.

Lingerie Returns

Intimate Whispers must be notified of any product fault within 10 days from being shipped to a hostess.

Intimate Whispers must be notified of any product fault within 7 days from being shipped to a customer.

Intimate Whispers must receive the returnable item with 5 working days from the time of notification by the customer.

Lingerie must be returned in the original packaging with all receipts. Exchange will only occur for same style/colour in a different size if available.

If an item is not available in a different size then an alternative style may be chosen in the same price range.

Lingerie will not be accepted for exchange without prior arrangement and RA [Return Authority] from the office.

All items must be returned to Intimate Whispers at the customers cost. Return postage cost will not be reimbursed.

Intimate Whispers reserves the right to refuse an exchange if an item is returned in a questionable state or appears used in any way.

18+ Age Responsibility for host/ess and guests.

Intimate Whispers is not responsible in any way to the age of attending guests. This is the sole responsibility of the Host/ess. Intimate Whispers assumes that all persons are fully aware of the nature of the products displayed at the parties and assumes that every hostess is over the age of 18 when booking. If any persons host or attend an Intimate Whispers party, and is under the age of 18, all responsibility falls back completely on the individual at that party. It is not the responsibility of Intimate Whispers or its consultants to check proof of age identification with any of its Host/ess or guests. Intimate Whispers does not encourage under age guests at their parties, although the guest list is the sole responsibility of the Host.

General Information

Intimate Whispers will endeavour to supply all items within 2 weeks of receiving payment from a Host/ess.

All information is kept confidential. Deliveries will be sent to Host/ess in discrete packaging.

Customer’s personal information will not be sold or given to any 3rd party. Intimate Whispers reserves the right to send any promotional information, email updates, or make phone contact for future marketing information.

Intimate Whispers accepts no responsibility for any items in transit, either during delivery to the Hostess, or for any return of items to Intimate Whispers by the Hostess or any of the Guests.

If any damages occur in transit its responsibility of the Host/ess to take the issue up with the relevant courier service.

Consultants of Intimate Whispers are contractors and not employees.

Intimate Whispers accepts no responsibility for any loss or damages during the hosting of a party, or in conjunction to the use of any products sold by Intimate Whispers.

Any monies paid as deposits at an Intimate Whispers party will not be credited against the balance due until all deposits are received from the consultant to the office.

All prices are inclusive of GST.

Prices are quoted in Australian Dollars.

All order forms, signed or otherwise are subject to all terms and conditions and are subject to change without notice.

Host/ess half price items cannot be paid with Gift Vouchers.

Collection and payment of all monies after the party is responsibility of the Host/ess. If a Host/ess fails to pay the balance to the office, it is the responsibility of the guests to collect their money back from the host/ess.

The return of all display items are an expectation of each Host/ess to a consultant at the end of a party. If there are items to be found misplaced, missing or damaged at the party, the host will be responsible for the full replacement cost of the items not returned or accounted for, to the consultant within 48hours of the party. Cost of items will be added to the party sales and to be paid with the final party payment to the office. Claim forms to be filled out and filed with paperwork to the office.

We offer a service where we will search and source products for our customers so they don’t have to do the work. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required on all special orders before they will be ordered in. This is because in the past many have asked for items, agreed to the price, then we order it in and they change their minds and we have been stuck with a lot of ‘unwanted’ products. 50% deposit secures your commitment to the order. Balance of the order is required before it’s forwarded onto the customer.

Back Order Information

If an item is out of stock at time of your delivery and placed on backorder, a letter will be sent back with the party delivery itemizing the backorder items. Backorder items will be posted to the Guest when back in stock, to the address on file. An alternative will be given to the customer to choose item(s) from the website of product in stock to the value of the backorder. If a customer chooses from the website, then the backorder lingerie is cancelled. If no Guest address, the backorder will be posted to the Host/ess and collection will be the individual customer’s responsibility. Intimate Whispers accepts no responsibility for items once delivered to a Host/ess.

Getaway Reward Certificates Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions are related to the Reward offer and redemption of this promotion. Information on how to use and redeem your Certificate, accommodation and booking information can be found on THIS LINK.


Intimate Whispers expressly disclaims all warranties, express or implied, of any kind with respect to products sold from their website and/or catalogues, including but not limited to, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. When making a purchase, you agree that the sole and exclusive maximum liability to Intimate Whispers arising from any product sold shall be the price of the product ordered. In no event shall Intimate Whispers, its directors, officers, employees or other representatives be liable for special, indirect, consequential, and exemplary or punitive damages related to any product sold. All adult products sold from the website or catalogues are sold as novelties.

All products are subject to availability. Some items may vary from the pictures or substitutes may be sent when ordered of equal or greater value.

By purchasing from Intimate Whispers you declare you are an adult at least 18 years of age and can lawfully enter into and form contracts under Australian law.


If you have additional questions, please  contactbutton  


Sole and complete responsibility of the reading and understanding the Terms and Conditions as set out by Intimate Whispers is on the individual. In no way is Intimate Whispers or a representative liable to ensure these Terms and Conditions are read and understood.

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