Would you like a FREE Glamour Photography Session?


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Have you ever wanted to have a Professional Glamour Photography Session but too scared to know how expensive it was? How broke you were going to be?? Well now, you can have a FREE Glamour Photography Session by hosting an Intimate Whispers Party in your home in NSW!

When you host your party, and the delivery comes back, you will find your voucher enclosed with a copy of your paperwork and all your guests details.

The glamour voucher contains your sitting fee and you will also receive a FREE of your choice!!!     Voucher value is $423

  • Each voucher has a use by date, this is 8 weeks from your party date, 4 weeks from your delivery date.
  • Each voucher requires a $50 security deposit – this is refundable if you do not spend more on additional photo’s. Otherwise the security deposit will be deducted off your entire purchase should you decide to buy a few photos.
  • Sitting is for 1 person only.
  • There is no commitment to purchase more photo’s. If you do not want to purchase, then the security deposit of $50 will be refunded to you.
To qualify for the Glamour Voucher, each party must have final paid in sales of a minimum $250 – qualifying party sales to receive other hostess benefits is $350. Any party not making the minimum sales criteria will not receive their voucher with the delivery.


Please feel free to  contactbutton  to inquire about hosting a party and we will be in touch with you shortly.

FREE Glamour Photography voucher is only offered to NSW and Vic hostesses from selected studio locations. If there is no studio located near a hostess or a hostess does not wish to travel to the nearest studio available, then the voucher offer is cancelled. Glamour Vouchers are a bonus on top of our regular hostess offers. No other offer will replace this offer. Not redeemable or exchangeable for cash, credit or product if a hostess does not take up this offer. Intimate Whispers only supply the offered voucher, any additional terms or conditions are set by the relevant studios.

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