How to host a successful Intimate Whispers Party


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Dear Hostess,

Thank you for booking your Intimate Whispers Party.

Here are a few tips to ensure you and your friends have an enjoyable time while viewing the products.

Please remember to remind your guests to bring deposits to the party, cash or credit cards. This is very important! Deposits are compulsory.

Please ask your guests to limit any alcohol while at the party. If anyone has had too much alcohol their order may not be accepted by the consultant.

Please, if possible keep all food, drinks and smoking away from the products. Smoking in particular stays in the clothing and can be offensive to the next Hostess and guests who may be non-smokers. Possibly keep inside smoking to the kitchen area. This is often a good distance from the display and clothing, and is generally one of the social areas where everyone congregates throughout the party.

If you have any friends who cannot attend your party, ask if they would like to hold their own. You can pass on their details to your consultant and you will also receive all credits once a date is set and meets all requirements.

Remember to invite more than you would like to attend. Attendance fall out is approximately half so if you would like a small group of 7 then invite 10-15 friends.

Please feel free to  contactbutton  to inquire about hosting a party and we will be in touch with you shortly.


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