How can I increase my Libido?

Increase your Libido

As a woman, our libido fluctuates depending on so many things happening in our life, it’s often hard to pin point the problem to one thing. The usual things such as stress or medications, diet and environment are the obvious, so let’s think about something simple we can all do to increase our libido.

Increasing your libido isn’t just about the physical it’s also about the mental. Did you know women think and talk about sex more than men do? The difference is we are so preoccupied with everything else in life; we tend to have a fleeting thought and then forget it and get back to being a woman multi tasking.

Its time you regained your libido and have a fun and exciting sex life!

Men are ‘sexually focused’. They don’t push a sexual thought to the back of the mind within a second of having it; they will ponder it, think about it over and over sometimes several times in the day. They will pay more attention and focus on those things that turn them on, and look towards acting on it and gaining the pleasure from it. As a woman, you need to learn to do that and become a little more ‘sexually selfish”.

If something catches your eye and you have any thoughts that could be construed as sexual, then use it and build on it. Example, you see a cute guy on your lunch break, admire his bum. Then think about what that would look like without his pants on, without the shirt, and so on and so forth. Enjoy the thought and have a selfish moment and consider where the thoughts could lead to. Have fun with it; take your mini fantasy where ever you want it to go. Of course you have to get on with your day, but you can think about it on and off when you have a moment. Other people do, so why shouldn’t you? Everyone does it, and so should you! Build on it and act on it and the more often you practice and do it, the more you libido will increase without medication or other means of help other than your own mind.

Other things you can do:

  1. Make a sexual bucket list – This list can be anything you want it to be. You can make several bucket lists and categorize if you want to. Depending on how increased you want your libido, you can set goals like cross off 1 thing from your list each week. List them from easy to hard, most important to least important. This is your list that is to tantalize your sexual taste buds so have fun with it.
  2. Treat yourself to some toys – A lot of women have sex toys and there is a toy for almost everything you can imagine. Set yourself a goal to buy a new toy once a month or every 3 months depending on your need and income. Spend time between purchases researching toys and seeing what is out there. You can go into a shop or buy online. Once you have made a purchase, spend 2-3 days just looking at it and thinking about all the different things and ways you can use it. There is always several ways a toy can be used, your only limited by your imagination! Just remember to play safe.
  3. Set aside some time for you. You are important and a healthy sex life is also important. Be it solo play or with a partner, the endorphins and chemical reactions in the mind and body that is released from sexual pleasure will put that bounce in your step and grinning with your mojo back.

Take back control. With things like medication side affects that is out of our control, or any of the other masses of possibilities of why our libido has died, you can take back control, if you want to, and you can have fun in the process.

Your Libido, Your Life. It’s all about You.

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