Referral Club FAQ


Some FAQ’s about our Referral Club Program, we hope we answer your questions. 

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Who can join the Referral Club?

Signing up as a member is available to anyone over the age of 18.

Can men join?

Yes men can also join up and promote/sell our products to their male and female friends! 

How do I access my referral website?

You dont need a referral website with us!

  1.  Make sure you are logged into the website.
  2.  Share products [see “So, how do you promote the products to get sales?” further below].

We see sales & commissions in the back end. See “How do I know if I have had any sales?” further below. 

How much money can I make?

How much will depend on several things. You can earn income by referring customers to our site. When a customer clicks your referral link and purchases items on our site, you will receive 20%-30% of the gross purchase amount. 1. How well and often you promote and advertise for people to sign up and purchase products. 2. Work with others who sign up from your Referral link, build your team and encourage them to also promote for signups and sales. 3. Your greatest commission comes from sales direct from your link, other sales up to 3 tiers deep will give you from 5%-1%

I don't live in Australia but I want to become a member and earn money!

That’s not a problem! With the internet and social media, you now have contact with people around the world! We only post within Australia but Australia is a huge country! You can still promote to Facebook Groups in Australia, and do the same on many social media groups and platforms. No matter where you are in the world, you still have access to where Australians can be found online! 

What are banners for?

If you have a blog or website you can put an image or one of our banners and embed your referral link for your website or blog visitors. If someone clicks on your image or banner with our Simply paste a link or banner code on your site using your Referral Club Member ID. If a visitor clicks your Referral link and makes a purchase, our system records a Referral that reflects your commission based on the purchase’s net amount. 

I don’t have a blog or website, or any technical knowledge, should I still sign up?

Most definitely! Our website products have links for various social media platforms for you to be able to click, comment & share without having to do anything else! If you can share something onto social media, you will be able to use our Referral Club. 

How do I get paid?

You must have a valid PayPal account. All commission from sales will be paid into your PayPal account. Commission and website prices are all AUD. All transactions are processed as a purchase. Any returns requiring refunds will have a previously paid commission deducted against a member’s next commission payment or a partial refund will be requested via PayPal for any monies. Commissions are paid monthly within the first 14 days of each month with the assumption that all sales are final. Referral Members will be notified of any refunds having occurred with relevant information for proof of refund to justify the refund request from the Referral Member. Intimate Whispers is not responsible for any fee’s or charges incurred from PayPal. Any and all currency exchange will be at whatever exchange rate PayPal offers at the time of any payment or refund transactions.

How do I know if I have had any sales?

When you sign up as a Referral Club Member you will see the information on the signup page change and show you stats information. Each time you return and visit the Referrals page you will see any updated information. This information can also be seen on our main page on the left side of the page. All sales are automatically calculated in the back end and attributed to any Referrer if the customer came to the website via a Referrer ID. A person who visits our website via your Referral ID link will always be your referred customer on every visit they make to our website unless they click another Referrers link somewhere and then any sales will register with the new Referral ID link. This is not something we can control if a person finds another link and clicks that to reach our website. We feel this is something that will very rarely happen although there is a chance. If you have any queries about a customer’s purchase that you feel should be attributed to you, please let us know and we will look into it but we do not promise any transfer of a sale if the sale has gone to another Referrer. If for any reason a sale has not been attributed to another person then we may consider transfer of the sale to you pending investigation of the customer and Referral connections in the system.

What is a referral ID?

Every Referral Club Member has a unique Member’s ID which is used to identify and relate incoming visits to your referral account. Your Referral Club Member ID is available on the Referral Area page where you will find your Referral Link, performance stats and additional resources. Your referral ID will look something like “http:// /?referrer=yournickname”

So, how do you promote the products to get sales?

Every product on our website has share buttons for social media. Click the share buttons for the social media you want to share products to. Make sure you are logged into our website via your Referral login so each product you share contains your ID so when people click your links, your referral is registered and you make commissions on the sales. Comment where possible on the product before you share. People like to hear something and not just see a product shared just to get a sale. You can use the ‘Ask your friends’ feature to encourage them to comment and give an opinion on the product you have shared with them. social media buttons on intimate whispers products    

How much do I make from sales?

We have many ways you can generate income as a Referral Club Member. 1. You make 20% from sales made from your Referral ID link. 2. People who sign up and become a Referral Club Member from your Referral ID link, you will make 5% from their personal sales and any sales from their Referral ID link. These are a 1st level Referral Club Member 3. Referral Club Member’s who are 2nd level down line ancestors to a Referral Club Member who refers a purchase will alsogive you 3% 4. Referral Club Member’s who are 3rd level down line ancestors to a Referral Club Member who refers a purchase will alsogive you 1% 5. If your personal* referral sales are over AU$1,000 in a calendar month, your 20% commission willincrease to 25% 6. If your personal* referral sales are over AU$2,000 in a calendar month, your 20% commission and willincrease to 30% Overall you can make a good commission and income on some sales in a calendar month just by referring and promoting our products to friends, family and on your social media! *Personal referral means all sales made using your personal unique Referral ID link. The more people you refer and encourage to generate sales, and get down line Referral Club Member sign-ups, the more money you can make!

Do I have to pay any taxes on income?

Any income tax or declaration of income is your responsibility. If you are not sure if you need to pay any tax on the money you receive from sales you generate, please ask someone for advice, we are unable to advise you on this decision. If you are in Australia you can provide an ABN for tax purposes or fill in a ‘hobby’ declaration form. Intimate Whispers does not withhold any tax or any monies on income. A referrer is not an employee of Intimate Whispers.

Can I use my Referral ID in store?

No, our Referral Club is only for online purchases and referrals on our website. No sales at a party or anywhere else will be or qualify for any Referral rewards.

What about Party Plan Demonstrators and Online Consultants?

If you would like to do parties, please use the CONTACT US form and request more information for a demonstrator. You will be required to fill in an agreement. If you have previously signed up as an Online Consultant [not doing parties] you can now sign up as a Referral Club Member and your referral ID will replace your consultant code that previously needed to be used at checkout.

I don’t want to share any ‘adult’ products!

That’s cool too! We have products in categories so people can avoid any adult or ‘sexual’products if they don’t want to see them. We have a lot of other products that you can still share that don’t have to be sexual or are not sexual! Massage gloves are not sexual, but could be if people wanted. Head massagers are not sexual at all. Candles are either a soy candle, moisturising candle or a massage candle and all the ladies love jewellery! Check them out, they are out #1 BEST SELLER! We also have a lot of lingerie from satin fabric through to much more sheer type of fabrics. Just share the items you want to share, people who click your links will come and look at whatever they want or don’t want to look at on our website and decide for themselves.

Where are the products? Are you drop shipping?

All products are in stock and sent directly from us in Sydney NSW Australia. We are not dropshipping. If any products are added as a special product or limited time offer and are ‘awaiting stock’ or anything else that will be clear on each product for a customer to know before purchasing. We prefer to have everything in stock ready to post so we do not have to rely on any other business to send a product, or risk out of stock items we have said are in stock on our website.

How long is shipping/delivery of orders?

We post orders within 1-2 business days. Time of day an order is placed will depend on processing time. In some instances an order could be sent same day. Depending on location for the delivery we ask for 3-5 business days for delivery. We want our customers to be happy and we do our best to get orders out fast and delivered as quickly as possible. We value our reputation and yours! Keep in mind if a customer is not home to receive a delivery this can make delivery time longer, some things are outside our control.

How are they sent? What postal service and packaging?

Location, size of order and delivery time all come into consideration with what service we will use. Orders will be sent with either Australia Post or TNT. All orders are sent with tracking numbers so we can track and verify delivery of an order. All orders are packaged discretely. No one will know what is inside the package and any information required on a parcel will only say products with no precise description of what the product is.

What about returns or refunds? I don’t want to keep having to return payments due to refunds all the time!

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. We encourage exchange before any refunds or offer a credit note if they customer is happy with that. We don’t think a customer should have to worry about paying to return products [costing them more money to return items] or have to wait longer to enjoy their purchase while waiting for an exchange to arrive to them. All items are checked before being sent out. Anything that requires batteries or has a motor is checked to be working by us before being put on the shelf for customers orders. We do not rely or expect all items to be checked by a manufacturer or supplier so every item is re-checked by us before it’s regarded appropriate and 100% working and undamaged before being sent out. This greatly reduces any risks of returns or refund requests. Some customers can be a little difficult and for any reason may demand a refund, this is out of our control and a refund will be given to the customer.

My question isn’t answered in anything mentioned above. How can I get more answers?

We would be more than happy to answer further questions.

  1. Please fill in our contact form and we will reply to you within 72 hours.
  2. Please make sure your email address is correct without spelling mistakes.
  3. Please make sure your question has as much information as possible so we can reply with the correct information to your inquiry.
  4. We will not respond to a question that is too broad. You must be specific to get a response.

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