Undercoverwear Consultants

Ex-Undercoverwear Consultants. Can we help?

PLEASE NOTE – Undercoverwear Australia went into liquidation in 2014 and no longer exist. Intimate Whispers is not Undercoverwear.

Information below is for ex-Undercoverwear consultants who are seeking another lingerie party plan company to join. For more information on joining Intimate Whispers please visit the JOIN OUR TEAM tab. If you are ready to start your new career you can SIGN UP today.

Around 17 years ago, Intimate Whispers Ceo – Leeana, was an Undercoverwear Consultant on the Central Coast NSW.

Having had the pleasure of working with various other party plan companies since 1989 and having many amazing managers with a wide variety of skills within the party plan industry, it was a sad time when due to family reasons she had to give up Undercoverwear in January 2000.

In 2004 Leeana was approached by a friend wanting to have a party and this got Leeana into working on starting Party Plan again. In 2006 Leeana started Intimate Whispers, with no cash, no capital for stock but a catalogue and many years experience.

Leeana was sad to hear about Undercoverwear going into administration after having so many good years in the past, amazing trips [Rio Bintan in Singapore being memorable] and much loved company that had been around for such a long time.

Being a lover of lingerie, Leeana has sourced an excellent company who offers a range of lingerie from sizes 8 – 32 which she feels could be loved by Undercoverwear Agents, although also realises that, Undercoverwear did not offer the other products that Intimate Whispers offers, and appreciates that many Undercoverwear consultants also would not want to sell such items for many varied reasons.

With this in mind, Leeana is looking at diversifying Intimate Whispers into 2 areas so Undercoverwear consultants who loved what they did, can continue on and hopefully find a new home and love within the Intimate Whispers party plan business.

This will give everyone an opportunity to either be an Intimate Whispers Adult Party Plan Consultant OR be an Intimate Whispers Lingerie & Accessories Party Plan Consultant.  For more information on joining Intimate Whispers please visit the JOIN OUR TEAM tab. If you are ready to start your new career you can SIGN UP today.

Intimate Whispers currently offer many products that are not of a sexual manner, which is different to many adult party plans who do focus very heavily on adult products. We offer a range of other items such as luxury moisturising candles, sensationally seductive body powder, waterproof massage gloves, head massagers and more.

Leeana is confident that Intimate Whispers can make a transition into offering an alternative to ‘adult’ party plan to many Undercoverwear consultants so they can continue to sell lingerie that they love, along with some additional products to keep Intimate Whispers diverse while still keeping a wide range open to all customers who want more.

Below are some comparisons between Intimate Whispers and Undercoverwear from what Leeana can recall from when she was a consultant. Things probably would have changed over the years, but we hope that it will give you some more insight into what we offer.

Comparison Chart

 While Intimate Whispers is not a large company as Undercoverwear was, we hope that Undercoverwear agents, who are looking for a new lingerie company to work for will look at what Intimate Whispers have to offer and consider getting in contact with us to discuss possible options for them to start a new and exciting career with Intimate Whispers Lingerie & Accessories! 

Leeana commented, “While we are making changes and stepping into this small diversification for the company, I hope that those coming from Undercoverwear, or any other company for that matter, show patience and understanding that while we are small in comparison, I have over 25 years party plan experience and will work hard to provide a new lingerie and accessories party plan. It may take a little while to get things right, but no matter what, we will have fun, party, laugh and enjoy along the way. That’s what party plan is about! Making money, while having fun. “

Do you want to come party with us? We love to party! 

Do you want to know more? Then send your details through, Leeana may just call you herself! For more information on joining Intimate Whispers please visit the JOIN OUR TEAM tab. If you are ready to start your new career you can SIGN UP today.

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