UCW Customers

Undercoverwear Australia went into liquidation in 2014 and no longer exist. Please note that Intimate Whispers is and was in no way affiliated Undercoverwear.

Undercoverwear Rewards – customers were able to be part of a rewards program and save up points that could be redeemed with Undercoverwear.

Undercoverwear Credit Notes – many customers still have outstanding credit notes that were issued by Undercoverwear.

Exchanges – some customers have outstanding returns on garments purchased for various reasons.

Discontinued Garments – some customers are seeking old Undercoverwear garments that they have previously purchased and loved.

Intimate Whispers is unable to redeem rewards, accept credit notes, fix exchanges or supply past garments sold by Undercoverwear.

While we totally appreciate how you may feel and realise that you may have lost money or upset for another reason, we hope you also understand that Intimate Whispers is unable to take over all those debts or issues from any other company.

Intimate Whispers attempts to do our best to make customers happy, while we are not magicians and can not fix every customers problem, we would however like to also attempt to help you in some way.

As you can see, Intimate Whispers offers other products along side our Lingerie Range. We would love to spoil you and your friends if you would like to host an Intimate Whispers party, you will find our Hostess Rewards to be extremely generous. If we do not have a consultant near you for a physical party, you can always host a catalogue/online order party and receive benefits on sales.

If you are looking for more lingerie, we have a large range to choose from, you may also find some similar styles to what you love and find something suitable from what we stock. Our range caters for size 8 up to size 32 in some styles and all items available are in stock ready to be sent. Its also noteworthy that we do not charge extra for larger sizes, our pricing is the same for everyone across the board, we do not discriminate because someone has a few extra curves. Our lingerie range is very generous in most items, you can see our size chart for more detailed information and to find the suitable size for yourself. If you need help deciding, we are more than happy to help, contactbutton  for help.

If you have credit notes or reward points to redeem, please contactbutton   and we will see if we can help but please understand we are unable to give 100% of what your credit or rewards are. This is not our responsibity but we will consider what we can offer. You will be required to provide proof before we will consider options.

We hope the information above answers any questions you may have about Undercoverwear and how Intimate Whispers is trying to help their past customers. If you have any further questions please contact us although we do not have all the details regarding Undercoverwear, you will need to look at the liquidation link provided above.


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