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Looking for a new job? Party Demonstrators needed Australia Wide!

If you don’t want to do parties then you can be an online only consultant, check out our new Referral Club

If you are ready to start your new career and do exciting in-home parties, you can SIGN UP HERE today as a demonstrator.

Looking for an opportunity that lets you take control of how much you work, how much you earn, holidays when you choose, hours that you can work around your family, training provided, fun and friendly atmosphere, a job where YOU are respected and appreciated?

Look no further. Becoming an Intimate Whispers demonstrator can be your dream opportunity to excel yourself.

We are looking for friendly outgoing people to become a part of our team nation wide.

You must be over the age of 18, have your own transport, and be ready to have loads of fun while earning as much money as you think you need to enjoy the lifestyle you want!

Don’t hesitate, making an inquiry costs nothing but could be the best employment decision you have ever made!

For more information, click  contactbutton  and we will be in touch soon to discus your future with Intimate Whispers.

 If you are ready to start your new career as an in-home demonstrator, you can SIGN UP HERE today.


Click each question below for more detailed information to appear.

How can I get a free kit?

Getting your kit for free is as easy as collecting orders from your friends with minimum sales depending on which kit you want to receive for free.

What kits are available?

We have 3 kits for you to choose from depending on the sales you collect from your friends and family.
Minimum sales $650 up to $999 will give you a kit valued up to $400
Minimum sales $1000 up to $1999 will give you a kit valued up to $600
Minimum sales $2000+ will give you a kit valued up to $1100

Alternatively you can purchase the kits upfront and start doing parties straight away.

What is in the kit?

Kits will vary with items of toys and lingerie depending on the kit value and our stock levels. You will also receive the necessary business building aids required to do parties including catalogues, paperwork and other materials needed.

How do I get started?

Getting started as a Demonstrator is as simple as filling out our online application to start your new career. SIGN UP today.   Getting started as an Online Consultant takes only a few minutes and you can start straight away after signing up on THIS LINK 

How do people pay for orders?

When each person orders they are charged an individual delivery fee.
People who want to pay by cash will give the money to you and you will be issued a unique deposit number so we can track your orders and payments. Send us each order and we will send you the code for payment of the order.
Credit card payments will be processed by us and orders sent once payment has been processed.

How long do I have to get orders?

You have 2 weeks to get orders.

How do I get my kit?

At the end of 2 weeks we will work out your overall sales. We will then let you know what kit you have qualified for.
You will then need to fill in our consultant contract so we have you on file and provide you with other consultant information for you to start doing parties and generating sales for commissions.
Once we have your consultant contract we will organize your kit to be sent to you.

Do I have monthly targets or other conditions to meet?

No. We do not have any sales or party conditions, although becoming a demonstrator is about doing parties. If you do not want to do parties then we suggest you join our Referral Club, same commission but no parties. We may cancel your demonstrator agreement if you have not done any parties or any sales after 3 months.

A demonstrator is expected to do parties in homes and demonstrate/show the products during a demonstrator.

A consultant does not do parties or hold stock but helps people with sales questions to help guide them to the right products and is purely sales based only. Consultants direct all sales to our website and do not handle money. Online Consultants sign up to the Referral Club.

What commissions do I get?

You receive 20% of sales.

What if I don’t meet the requirements?

If you don’t make the minimum $650 in sales then we will class it as a catalogue party and you will be eligible for regular hostess benefits.

I still have questions.

That’s great! The best way to get questions answered is to  contactbutton  and we can answer your questions for you.

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