Intimate Whispers Repesentatives Agreement

Representatives Information

FREE Kit Minimum sales $650 up to $999 will give you a kit valued up to $400
FREE Kit Minimum sales $1000 up to $1999 will give you a kit valued up to $600
FREE Kit Minimum sales $2000+ will give you a kit valued up to $1100

You will be sent an invoice for payment [if applicable] to your email address based on your choice above.

Commission On Sales Rate:
20% on all full priced products.
Specified rate on specials from time to time.

You request any money from Intimate Whispers to be paid directly into the following account by EFT:

Executed as an agreement. I consent to Intimate Whispers collecting, storing and using my personal/confidential information supplied for the purpose of Intimate Whispers business or reporting as required. I consent that Intimate Whispers will not sell or share my personal information with outside sources for any reason and adhere to privacy policies. I declare I am over the legal age to enter a contractual agreement and I am legally able to conduct business in Australia. I warrant that I have not at any time been charged or convicted of any criminal offence [except traffic offences] or have any legal proceedings current or pending. I warrant that the information provided to Intimate Whispers is accurate and complete and hereby authorise Intimate Whispers to conduct reasonable verification as required. This agreement is a binding contract and signing below is confirming the reading and understanding of accepting the terms and conditions as set out on the back as a demonstrator/representative for Intimate Whispers, and associated documents which I understand are incorporated as part of the representative contract.

Representative Services:
(a) Actively seek and take orders from customers for the supply of Products, and in doing so, actively promote Intimate Whispers and the Products.
(b) Sell the Products in accordance with paragraph (a) at such prices as from time to time directs, with such prices to include any applicable freight, GST and other charges as directed by Intimate Whispers.
(c) Diligently collect payments for Products from customers.
(d) Process and facilitate any valid Product returns in accordance with Intimate Whispers return policies and procedures from time to time notified to the consultant, including the prompt packing and return to Intimate Whispers of any Products where orders are cancelled or delivery is refused by customers.
(e) Promptly pass on to “party plan” hosts or other persons approved by Intimate Whispers who are used by the consultant to facilitate the sale of Products, any rewards, incentives or other benefits that may be made available by Intimate Whispers under Intimate Whispers policies and procedures from time to time notified to the consultant.
(f) If and when required by Intimate Whispers in the event of an ordered Product being unavailable, co-operate with Intimate Whispers and comply with Intimate Whispers reasonable directions so that the relevant customer is notified of the unavailability of the Product and, if appropriate, is encouraged to order an alternative Product.
(g) If and when requested by Intimate Whispers co-operate with Intimate Whispers and comply with Intimate Whispers reasonable directions in relation to any defect, warranty claim, customer complaint or other issue arising in relation to a Product.
(h) Further to paragraph (g), if Intimate Whispers notifies the representative that it wishes to recall a Product, take all reasonable steps to effect the recall at the cost of Intimate Whispers and comply with Intimate Whispers requests and directions relating to the recall, and use reasonable efforts to minimise both the cost of the recall and any resulting damage to the reputation of Intimate Whispers and the Products.
(i) Any other related services from time to time reasonably directed by Intimate Whispers.

Other Representative Information:
(a) Consultants are responsible for sourcing and booking their own parties.
(b) Consultants are responsible to submit electronic party paperwork within 72 hours of conducting a party.
(c) All invoices to be paid prior to any orders or stock being shipped to a hostess or customer.
(d) Consultants are responsible for the handling of all money. Any lost or stolen money is responsible of the representative to replace to ensure all customers receive their ordered and paid for products.
(e) All monies from parties and orders to be banked within 72hrs of receiving via a party or individuals order.
(f) Consultants are entitled to a 20% personalised online discount code for use when submitting individual customer order that are not part of a party order.
(g) Consultants are responsible for their own transport and expenses incurred to do parties.
(h) As a consultant with Intimate Whispers, you are an independent contractor. Consultants are responsible for their own insurances to cover any loss or breakages at any point in time whilst performing any activity on behalf of Intimate Whispers. This contract does not create any employment, joint venture or partnership between the consultant and Intimate Whispers.
(i) Consultants are responsible for their own income declaration, income taxes, occupational health and safety or superannuation including any and all other declarations or entitlements connected to business generally.
(j) Consultants indemnify Intimate Whispers, its directors, officers, consultants, agents and employees from or against any claim, demand, liability, loss, cost or expense ( including reasonable legal fees and disbursements) asserted against or suffered or incurred by any of them for any reason directly or indirectly related to or connected with your acts, omissions or representations as a Consultant (and of those of any participants in your Consultancy), breach of the terms of this Consultant Contract or a failure to comply with any applicable law or regulation. You agree that this indemnity is your continuing and independent obligation.
(k) A line of credit is not available to consultant. Once a consultant becomes a manager with Intimate Whispers then an application for credit on orders can be submitted to Intimate Whispers and acceptance of the line of credit is at the sole discretion of Intimate Whispers on an individual basis and not a guarantee to all managers.
(l) Any consultant not banking a customer’s money and causing non-supply of orders by default will be faced with legal action and prosecution.
(m) Intimate Whispers will provide consultants with a PDF training manual and a Product Information manual.
(n) All materials are copyright owned by Intimate Whispers. All documents, logo’s, written and electronic material, domains, images and intellectual property current and future remain the property of Intimate Whispers. Consultants agree to only using Intimate Whispers literature, and no other generic or similar material reproduced or copied for the sole purpose of Intimate Whispers business. You must not register or attempt to register any trade or service marks, domain names or logos derivative of or similar to Intimate Whispers.
(o) Consultants are not limited or exclusive to any territory within Australia.
(p) Management positions are available to all consultants who form a team below them and meet all requirements as a team manager. Ability to qualify for additional bonuses and/or commissions on team activity based on the current management and bonus structure which includes meeting set out management targets to maintain a manager status with Intimate Whispers.
Consultants are responsible for holding their own stock for demonstration purposes to do parties.
(q) Party Plan Consultants are required to purchase a kit on start-up from the kit options available at time of signup. A party plan consultant is permitted to conduct parties on behalf of Intimate Whispers as well as generate online sales with their code. An online consultant is ONLY permitted to generate online sales, no conducting of parties is allowed. All online sales must be generated via the Intimate Whispers website and posted directly to the customer, unless the representative has sold stock on hand from their own inventory. No codes can or will be added after a customer has placed their order. It is the consultant’s responsibility to ensure customers know how to use codes.
(r) Consultants do not have the option of personally delivering orders to a hostess. Intimate Whispers will send directly to the hostess or customers on the demonstrator’s behalf.
(s) Consultants have payment options for deposits and final payments to be made as bank transfers or credit cards. 2% fee applies for Credit Cards [where applicable]
(t) Intimate Whispers opportunity is available to a representative with or without their own ABN. If no ABN is supplied, the demonstrator is declaring that the supply is made in the course or furtherance of an activity done as a private recreational pursuit or hobby.
(u) A party plan consultant who is inactive for 3 months or more will not be entitled to further kit orders at 50% and will revert back to the basic 20% and is required to achieve the minimum $2100 in sales to regain their 50% off kit additions consultant discount.
(v) Intimate Whispers may make changes or updates with 30 days of coming into effect by electronic correspondence to a representative’s company email account as part of the usual channel of communication.

Party Plan Consultant Kit Information:
(a) On Start-up. 5(five) toys and (five) items of lingerie with 30% off RRP. Only on Party Plan catalogue items.
(b) Once Start-up sales exceed $2100 on full price sales [not including any discounted or hostess items] a consultant is permitted to further kit additions for display at the full party plan consultant discount.
(c) 1(one) of each product at 50% discount per calendar year of catalogue items only. Extra Kit Additions [broken or damaged stock replacement or for personal use] at 20% consultant commission discount.
(d) Non-catalogue party plan items can be purchased with a consultant code to receive 20% discount. Discounts do not apply on any sale or marked down items unless otherwise specified from time to time.
(e) All product, paperwork and business aids purchased, remain the property of the consultant, and are not to be returned to Intimate Whispers for any reason.

Online Only Consultant Discount:
(a) 20% consultant commission discount applies on all purchases of full price website items.
(b) Products in the sale or marked down section do not receive consultant commission or discounts unless otherwise specified from time to time.

Hostess Benefits:
(a) Intimate Whispers is responsible for any free or discounted Hostess Benefits with no cost incurred by the demonstrator. No commissions are paid on these products to the consultant.

Intimate Whispers:
PO BOX 4598
Lakehaven NSW 2263
© Intimate Whispers 2017

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