Why Buy From Us


Here are 15 reasons WHY you should buy from us. Let us look after you!

#1 We offer a range of lingerie from sizes 8 up to 32 and we do not charge any extra for larger sizes.

#2 When we say “All Things Adult” we mean all things. We offer a service where we will search and source products for our customers so they don’t have to do the work. No need to spend hours on Google, tell us what you want and we will scour our wholesalers nationally and internationally to find what you want or the closest alternative.

#3 We don’t just sell you a product! We communicate with our customers and discus their needs from the product and we are happy to suggest and advise a customer before they make their final decision to purchase.

#4 All products with a motor, battery or 240v powered, are checked to be working before any deliveries. We guarantee the product to be working for peace of mind for our customers. Nothing goes out without being checked.

#5 All exchanges or backorders are sent to customers with an additional gift (such as a lingerie bag for a lingerie item or free batteries with the backorder of a toy or free small lubricant etc) as part of our customer service.

#6 All deliveries are sent with a VIP customer discount voucher for 20% off their next online order attached to a Heart (or other type) lollypop.

#7 We aim to educate and bring couples together through our parties and help with their orders. Everyone leaves our parties with product knowledge and sometimes some relationship ideas.

#8 We offer our customers 3 options to being able to be an Intimate Whispers host. In-home party, Online E-Party or a catalogue party with a personalised coupon code for their friends to use and order and a host to reap the benefits of friends sales.

#9 We support Breast Cancer and offer a pink ribbon Breast Cancer product range with the purchase of each item having a donation to Women’s Breast Cancer. We also give the full donation price to Breast Cancer, by way of, we do not put the sale of these items towards a hosts sales, and we do not pay any consultant commissions on the sale of these items either.

#10 For online web sales we offer a flat rate $14.95 postage Australia Wide, irrespective of how large the order is.

#11 If an item happens to be out of stock and on backorder, a customer receives a letter with their delivery offering them to choose other items from our website either full price or from the clearance section, any item to the value of the backorder item, so they do not have to worry and remember that they spent money and are owed something from a backorder. If a customer is happy to choose another product(s) to the value, we will post that item free of charge, and if/when that item becomes available again, we will contact the customer and offer them the opportunity to purchase the item at a later date with a 20% thank you discount from us. We have found customers love this concept. They don’t have to worry about handing over money and no product in hand, plus they get the discount and no matter how long it  takes, even if its 2 years, if an item is discontinued and somewhere in the future becomes available again, we will notify them and they never have to worry about chasing us up!

#12 We offer fundraising parties and will give back up to 20% of the sales in a cheque to the fundraising committee, and depending on how the fundraising is set up, we will also give 10% of sales in a cheque for any down line parties 1 row deep. They also still receive all hostess benefits and they can raffle them off to help raise more money for  their organisation.

#13 We only offer 1 catalogue a year so customers have enough time to get their favourites without feeling pressured with the worry items may be discontinued within 3 months and we keep it interesting by offering special promotions every month with sales or new promotional products to keep our regular customers interested if they have been a loyal customer for quite some time.

#14 Leeana has a previous 25 years experience in the Party Plan industry, having worked with other companies, which many other party plan companies are just people guessing the industry.

#15 All party orders are paid directly to the company and deliveries are sent from the company directly to a customer/host for piece of mind so there is less people handling money which avoids people saying money was lost or stolen by a consultant.

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