Cleancut Rechargeable Personal Shaver

With its good looking ergonomic design, The Cleancut Rechargeable Shaver fits the hand readily, allowing for precise control for those hard to reach places. To ensure an efficient and nick free shave, the motor of the Cleancut Rechargeable Shaver has been engineered to provide high torque at lower speeds over the life of the shaver.


Use on dry skin with a light dusting of Pure Cornstarch Baby Powder (Non Carcinogenic) prior to bathing/Showering.

To obtain the necessary tolerances, the blades and foil of the Personal Shaver have been manufactured using an advanced proprietary etching technique.

  • Rotary blade system – You can move the shaver smoothly, with no need to worry about nicks or cuts.
  • Shaped for a Good Shave – The smooth curved design secures a comfortable but firm grip of the shaver giving you a closer shave.
  • Recharge Indicator Lamp – The lamp on the back remains lit during recharging, and goes out after full charge.
  • Quick Charge – It only takes 1 hour to fully recharge the shaver. It can also be used with an AC power supply.
  • Easy Cleaning with Water – Shaving debris can be washed away easily with water.
  • Automatic Worldwide Voltage (100-240V)


Includes: AC Adaptor Compatible with Australian outlets and black velour zippered carry pouch.

It’s important to know that it can take 2 weeks to totally adjust to using a new electric Shaver. It’s imperative to stick with it for a few weeks in order to reap long-term benefits. Patience is a virtue with any kind of shaving technique but it’s especially important if you’re a newbie to electric shaving. If you’ve been using a wet razor all your life and decide to go electric or even change from one brand to another, your skin can take several weeks to adjust to the new shaving technique.


  1. This Shaver DOES NOT include a personal Trimmer. You must use a personal trimmer in order for the shaver to work effectively.

No electric shaver (Face Shaver or Personal Shaver) will cut hair longer than stubble. For optimum results, it is recommended that you trim hair on the area to be shaved first. Use of a dry lubricant such as Corn Starch Baby Powder is recommended to avoid razor burn. (Prevents the foil from sticking to the skin)


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